About Us
In the Beginning...

In early 2008, community leaders, organizers and representatives
from all corners of the Groveport Madison school district were
invited to participate in a community summit.

In late-February a meeting was held to begin the four phases of
an effort to realign the human needs in our community.  The
attendance was expected to be around 25-30, HOWEVER, much
to our surprise, delight and pleasure over 60 attended.  The
meeting provided a brief overview of experiences to date and
then attendees broke into groups to identify their current role in
the human needs arena and develop a wish list of things needed
or wished for/desired.

The second phase involved developing a human needs plan. In
order to accomplish this task, attendees from Phase 1 were
invited to be a part of the Phase 2 effort.  Approximately 25 of
the 60 previous attendees signed up!  

Phase 2 began in March and transpired to the development of a
plan of action, an incorporated non-profit, and a Board of
Directors including the following:

Bob Dowler, President
Jeannie Henkel, Vice-President
Kathi Faulstich, Secretary
Mary Mashburn, Treasurer
Chris Bowser
Christine Boucher
Pastor Rob Spicer

The "Communicate the Plan", phase three, was held on
September 2 at Madison Township Community Center. On this
date we unveiled the developed plan to the attendees.  The basics
of the plan include recruiting community residents for two teams:
informational and operational.  The informational team are the
ambassadors of the Center, assisting by recruiting Community
Partners. The operational team assist with raise funds for the
operation of the Center.

Phase four involves implementing the plan, which is where we are
Board Meetings

Our Board meetings are
open to the public and are
held on the 1st Monday of
every month, 6:00p @
Groveport Madison
Administrative Offices, 4400
Marketing Place, Groveport
Our Current Board
Gary Boucher, President
Billie Graham, Vice President
VACANT, Secretary
Steven Shirley, Treasurer
Jeri Gilbert
Brenda Lovell
Donna Steinhauser
Jeff Warner

Christine Boucher

Emily Wiekjopdski (GMHS
Skilyn Jacks (GMHS Student)